Student Credit Card Education

Late credit card payment: Another year in the dorms or maybe back with Mom & Dad.

Good grades may help you land your dream job after you graduate, but there is something else you’ll be graded on throughout college that may be just as important… …how well you use credit. Did you know that many companies now check your credit history when you apply for a job? Landlords also check your credit when applying for a lease. Good credit, you get...

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On-campus Student Credit Card Marketing- A Call to College Administrators

Most college administrators respect the importance of credit cards as an important financial instrument for college students to use in building their credit history. The credit decisions students make during college will have a dramatic effect on their ability to obtain credit throughout their lives. As a true advocate for college students within the credit industry, Aqua Technology Solutions,...

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Dodgers Think Blue Rewards Wireless Credit Card Application Results

“Company X” Wireless Application Test #1 Dodger Stadium Thursday, June 5, 2006 Notice All information herein contained is confidential and proprietary to Aqua Technology Solutions, Inc. Aqua Technology Solutions, Inc. respectfully requests that this proposal remain confidential and for the sole purpose of evaluating this partnership opportunity. Because of the proprietary...

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