On-campus Student Credit Card Marketing- A Call to College Administrators 

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Most college administrators respect the importance of credit cards as an important financial instrument for college students to use in building their credit history. The credit decisions students make during college will have a dramatic effect on their ability to obtain credit throughout their lives.

As a true advocate for college students within the credit industry, Aqua Technology Solutions, Inc.’s goal is to educate students on how credit works and how to use it responsibly. We effectively communicate credit education to students through a medium that they can easily understand while rewarding students for using credit wisely and getting good grades in the classroom.

Aqua Technology simply will not tolerate high-pressure sales reps on campus, aggressively marketing credit card applications and harassing students on their way to class. Aqua Technology produces exceptional campus representatives through our carefully designed training programs and selection process who promote our card program while adhering to the highest standards in the student credit card industry. In fact, many of Aqua Technology’s campus representatives are current college students serving as members of our extensive internship program. The founders of our organization participated in internships during their college careers and we strongly believe in the experience and career advantages that internships create for students.

Aqua Technology uses an innovative, highly secure electronic means of acquiring new student card accounts, Electronic Credit Application (ECA) technology. The ECA is very effective at preventing identity theft and is much safer than simply using traditional paper applications. It is

Aqua Technology Solutions, Inc requests the opportunity to provide your students with a valuable service while making a positive contribution to your campus culture. If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to visit www.aquatechnologysolutions.com or contact us directly.