Dodgers Think Blue Rewards Wireless Credit Card Application Results 

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“Company X” Wireless Application Test #1

Dodger Stadium

Thursday, June 5, 2006



All information herein contained is confidential and proprietary to Aqua Technology Solutions, Inc. Aqua Technology Solutions, Inc. respectfully requests that this proposal remain confidential and for the sole purpose of evaluating this partnership opportunity. Because of the proprietary nature of the information contained herein, Company X, by accepting this document, agrees that this material will not be used, or its contents revealed, in any way except to respond to this specific proposal.

Who we are

Aqua Technology Solutions, Inc. brings together software, technology, and personnel to provide a complete wireless solution for securely acquiring any type of data in the field. We accomplish this through the use of our proprietary DIAS technology which includes a powerful software suite, customizable hardware, and event staffing and planning solutions.

The DIAS software suite allows credentialed individuals the ability to create secure forms and applications, wirelessly administer them at events in the field or remotely, and provide real-time reporting tools that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Depending on the type of information being acquired, DIAS can be deployed in a variety of formats including a series of laptops or portable tablet PCs administered at a staffed event, a self-service kiosk, or on the web.

Aqua Technology also provides complete event staffing and program planning solutions including hiring and training field representatives and brand ambassador teams to acquire data in the field for our clients. Aqua Technology capitalizes on highly secure, proven technology that streamlines front-end data acquisition while improving cost-efficiency.


Aqua Technology Solutions traveled to Dodger Stadium on June 1st, 2006 to conduct a feasibility study to determine if our data acquisition technology, DIAS, could reliably and consistently connect to the internet inside the ballpark. The primary goal of this study was to determine if DIAS would meet or exceed the requirements for “COMPANY X”‘s event marketing and acquisition initiatives at Dodger Stadium. We performed the study with one laptop, a mobile wireless data card, and our proprietary Secure Digital Application (SDA) software, a component of Aqua’s DIAS technology suite. A signal boosting antennae was also used during portions of the study. The study primarily consisted of 6 tests at 5 locations in the Reserve level of Dodger Stadium (see figure A below). Specific test locations were selected:

1. within diverse structural areas of the ballpark including unenclosed, partially enclosed and fully enclosed locations.

2. in different geographic regions of the ballpark.

3. that were in near proximity to the current locations of the Dodgers Think Blue Rewards kiosks.

Testing was designed considering the following criterion:

1. Mobile phone reception during games is decreased due to the large volume of voice data being transferred.

2. Concrete and steel in the ballpark structure can greatly reduce the integrity of mobile data transmissions.

3. The specific geographic locations of cell towers in proximity to the ballpark will affect our internet link.

4. Testing will be performed near current Dodgers Think Blue Rewards kiosks to replicate real-world conditions at current marketing locations.

5. The hardware and software configuration of the device used for testing will be identical to that of the actual devices used during a live, in-game “COMPANY X” mobile marketing event.



Our test laptop, in conjunction with our DIAS technology suite, was able to stay connected to the internet and Aqua’s remote application server continuously for the duration of our entire study which lasted over 2 hours. We generally observed broadband up/download speeds in unenclosed and mostly unenclosed areas and better than dial-up speeds in enclosed areas. Considering the small file size of the card application data, file compression, and our proprietary data packet transmission module, the bandwidth footprint required to reliably transfer files from the field to the web is very small; typically one-fifth that of standard dial-up speed. Additionally, through DIAS’s link optimization, it automatically sets the transmission parameters that are most efficient for each type of wireless link and available bandwidth. This reduces the number of retransmitted data packets, excess control information, and other network “chatter.”

The field component of Aqua’s DIAS technology requires an external power source. We were not able to determine if electrical outlets were directly present at the current kiosk locations, but assume that power can be provided inside the ballpark. The current Dodgers Think Blue Rewards kiosk structure can support approximately 6-8 standard size laptops. Based on the observed traffic flow at the kiosks, this should be a sufficient number to avoid potential bottlenecks when large numbers of individuals decide to sign-up simultaneously. It appeared that the home plate payment kiosk was using a Verifone OMNI 3750 POS terminal to take payment for the card program. This is a very versatile terminal which can be easily integrated into the framework of our DIAS technology as can most other modern POS terminals.


Weather: 77 degrees, clear, calm breeze.
Game Attendance: 38,643.

I. Left Reserve Lot 3 Gate (section 31)

Outdoor location inside ballpark on concourse near gate and concessions

Test 1: 7:05 PM, Max transmit rate (kbps): 140.7, 104 kb file sent successfully, without aux antenna

Test 2: 7:14 PM, Max transmit rate (kbps): 164.4, 902 kb file sent successfully, without aux antenna

II. Left Reserve Lot 3 (section 11) “X CARD” Kiosk R3 (IQ)

Mostly enclosed location inside ballpark on concourse near Dodgers Think Blue Rewards kiosk and entrance to enclosed concourse area under the top deck

Test 3: 7:44 PM, Max transmit rate (kbps): 140.1, 902 kb file sent successfully, with aux antenna

III. Reserve behind home plate (section 1) Kiosk Activation (“COMPANY X”)

Fully enclosed location inside ballpark on concourse directly beneath center of top deck surrounded on all sides by concrete and steel except for the opening of the reserve deck to field area below the terminus of the upper deck

Test 4: 7:52 PM, Max transmit rate (kbps): 67.4, 902 kb file sent successfully, with aux antenna

IV. Right Reserve Lot 4 Gate (section 16) “X CARD” Kiosk (IQ)

Outdoor location on concourse near gate, concessions, and “X CARD” kiosk

Test 5: 8:01 PM, Max transmit rate (kbps): 143.7, 901 kb file sent successfully, with aux antenna

V. Right Reserve Lot 4 (section 12) Seats

Outdoor location in reserve seating area

Test 6: 8:22 PM, Max transmit rate (kbps): 79.4, 901 kb file sent successfully, with aux antenna


Based on our study we were able to determine that we can reliably transfer card application data from all locations on the Reserve deck and above. Locations on the lower levels were not tested because we didn’t have access. Based on the bandwidth connectivity levels we achieved in enclosed test location #4, it is reasonable to surmise that bandwidth should not be reduced significantly at fully enclosed sections of the lower levels and by no more than a factor of 4X. Regardless, any connectivity issues that may exist on the lower levels can be remedied by the use of inexpensive signal repeaters and/or booster antennas. Further testing on the lower levels will need to be performed to determine if these extra measures will need to be taken.

POS terminals can be used at all kiosks for the Dodgers Think Blue Rewards program within the ballpark using our technology. Dodgers Think Blue Rewards self-service kiosks can be installed at key locations around the ballpark or at merchant partners for the public to interact with without the need for a staff member to be present to administer the product. Our kiosks can send captured information directly to “COMPANY X” in real-time and can be configured to dispense and encode cards, accept credit cards and cash, and print tickets and receipts. The potential also exists to allow the applicant to link their existing cards to the Dodgers Think Blue Rewards program in the ballpark at a kiosk when they initially sign-up.

Given the current kiosk structure and marketing program design, DIAS can be easily integrated into the Dodgers Think Blue Rewards ballpark marketing system. Simple field representative training will be provided by Aqua Technology. In summary, Aqua Technology believes our DIAS technology suite will be a very successful component of “COMPANY X”‘s marketing initiatives at present and as you grow.

-Please feel free to contact us at your convenience to schedule a time to discuss this study and how Aqua Technology Solutions can help grow your business.