Validation of Viewstate MAC Failed

The Validation of Viewstate MAC failed error commonly occurs when an ASP.NET application developer uses the Membership, Roles and/or Profile Providers included with the .NET Framework. The usual scenario is the developer creates the application on their local machine and stores the project files in a local directory. When the developer copies or publishes the project files to another local...

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What is ASP.NET? -Top 12 Advantages of ASP.NET

What is ASP.NET? ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages .NET and is developed by Microsoft. ASP.NET is used to create web pages and web technologies and is an integral part of Microsoft’s .NET framework vision. As a member of the .NET framework, ASP.NET is a very valuable tool for programmers and developers as it allows them to build dynamic, rich web sites and web applications using...

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Hostek ASP.NET Hosting Account- How to Add a New Account

First, goto . The 5th choice for hosting on the page is ASP.NET Hosting. Click on the ORDER button next to ASP.NET. On the next page click the ORDER button for BASIC hosting. Fill out the form as shown above and choose your payment method. Click Continue and fill out the form on the next page. Choose any password and record it. Next enter your payment info. Once...

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