Aqua Technology Solutions – ECA (Electronic Credit Application) system development snapshot 

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Aqua Technology Solutions – ECA (Electronic Credit Application) system development snapshot xx-xx-200x

I. Web Application

1) Authentication

Login Id, Password

Access Roles: Student, Rep, Investor, Employee, Admin


Navigation Menus

2) Web Tracking

3) New Account


Access Roles

4) Rep Login Tool

Rep Statistics Package

Number of Apps

Approval Rate

Pay Rate

Work Schedule

Charts and Graphs

Generate and Download Marketing Materials

5) Investor Login Tool

6) Admin Login

Total Approved Apps

Total Declined Apps

Rep Statistics Updater

Accounts Descriptions, Info

Charts and Graphs

7) Aqua College Tournament

Picture Rating

Tournament Bracket



Webcast Streaming Audio Radio Interface

8) WCA (Web Credit Application)

Forms (ECA files as template)

Data Storage

ECA DB Integration and data merge

9) Online Rep Training Program

Generated Content for Training Program

Web Pages for Training Program

Generated Test Questions from Database Questions Pool

Record & Tabulate Test Answers

Rep Number Generation

10) Content Management System

Add News to Rotator

II. ECA (Electronic Credit Application)

Network Server – Install Win 2003, SQL DE


Transfer Menu


Download and Install Updates

Web Services Demo

Upload Updates to Local Machine

a) terms & conditions

b) approved school list

c) list of applicants that have previously applied (duplicate list)

d) new validation info (updated SSN info)

e) imbedded advertising play list

Admin Login

Implemented Kiosk Software

Redesigned User Interface / User Experience

Embedded Advertising Loop Content

Pocket PC/ Windows CE based ECA

Bluetooth Pocket PCs to laptop base station

Modify existing ECA to function on laptop base station

Software for mobile phone based ECA

Feasibility study on practicality of entering credit app info using cell keypad

Explored all avenues for mobile phone data entry solutions

Blackberry based ECA

Send email based ECA via Blackberry to secure server

Algorithmically extract ECA applicant information from text based email to DB