Captivate 4 Mono / Stereo Problem 

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Are you having the same problem I’m having in Captivate 4 with recording in mono but playback comes through the left speaker only.  I’m a professional sound engineer and I had to come up with a work around to reprocess the audio and then re-import, but what an unnecessary hassle.  This is a major flaw with Captivate 4.

Also, the first machine I tried installing Captivate 4 on wouldn’t allow the audio Calibrate dialog to popup (winXP).  There was no way for me to calibrate any audio source (I tried three different sound cards)  After wasting almost a full day on this, I finally decided to give up and install it on a different machine.  Now I have the mono/stereo output problem.  I couldn’t function without Adobe software, so it pains me to mention anything negative about them, but this is buggy software and was obviously released from beta too soon.  Over ambitious feature enhancement for v4?  Maybe, but not what I expected from Adobe.  I’m disappointed with the product.

Note to Adobe:  I understand why your audio Calibrate tool is simplistic in it’s design; it needs to automatically calibrate sound levels for the 90% of Captivate users that don’t know anything about audio recording and use a generic $5 microphone.  For these users it probably functions just fine.  However for those of use who use (or are thinking about purchasing) Captivate for creating professional quality e-learning systems, this Calibration tool falls well short.  We need real-time audio monitoring for more fine tune control over our input levels.  To solve the stereo/mono issue, we also need a simple toggle for stereo input or mono, not automatic handling of the input signal type.  These two features could be added to an advanced tab in the Calibration tool.  It would solve a lot of problems and allow Adobe to market Captivate 4 as including upgraded tools for professional audio recording.